These Friends of Mine

A good way to know me, I think, is by knowing some of those I associate with, here in Winnipeg and elsewhere. ("The Blue" is my pithy nickname for Winnipeg...that explains a lot, doesn't it?) You can begin this process by seeing my connections on social networks like LiveJournal and Twitter--though I am specifically not on Facebook, which might be the obvious first choice for a lot of people. (I'm willing to be convinced to join, but no one has succeeded in doing so thus far.) Beyond that, however, a number of close friends continue to have old-fashioned personal homepages of their own (or at least online profiles worth highlighting) which are linked below.

Aquamarine Dividing Line

In the Blue

Out of the Blue

Media Tie-In Writers

Both before and after my publication in Strange New Worlds 10, I've gotten to know a number of media tie-in writers (mostly, but not only, connected to Star Trek as well), many of whom also have homepages as charmingly retro-looking as mine:

Aquamarine Dividing Line

Well...I apologise, but that's it for the moment. I definitely had bigger plans when I set out to write this--no affront to any of the people already here, of course--and I'd originally written some personal observations about a number of close offline friends without homepages of their own, after getting their permission and a picture of them to put up along with my words. (See? You, too, could be up here, if you just get with the program...) There are a number of people who never got back to me to be placed on this page properly, however, so their "fifteen seconds of fame" online and your enjoyment of same will have to wait.

All I can say is that I look forward to letting the rest of you know about my other friends away from the computer...and if you're one of those friends who'd like to be mentioned, just let me know.

Smack Dab in the Middle of the Blue
The only way to have a friend is to be one.