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Hello, and welcome to my personal homepage. If this is your first time here, greetings! If you're a returning visitor, I thank you for your continuing patronage.

At any rate, you should know a little bit about me to begin with.

My name is Edgar Governo, and I'm an aspiring freelance writer currently living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Amongst other things, I am the author of the Star Trek: Enterprise short story "You Are Not in Space" in the anthology Strange New Worlds 10 from Pocket Books, available on both (including the Amazon Kindle) and, along with a series of theatre reviews as a Senior Contributor for The Charlebois Post.

I have many interests, as you will soon find out, and I have done a number of interesting things in my life thus far, with many more to come.

Beyond that very basic information, however, I leave the choice up to you, the viewer, as to which chapter(s) of my life you wish to delve into...

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Pondering the Universe


In which the author explains the origins of the neat-looking nom de plume he has often employed ever since he first went online.

Reflections in Azure

In which the author reveals more about himself as a person and the portions of his mind, for those who might be curious.

Confessions of a Pop-Culture Fanatic

In which the author proves he has too much time on his hands and demonstrates what makes him a pop-culture diva--things like "If They Can't Dance, They Can't Kiss...," a term paper about Back to the Future he wrote on the way to obtaining his undergraduate degree; and The Lion Wars, an essay of sorts about The Lion King and Star Wars.

The History of Things That Never Were

In which the author proves this even more definitively, finding an unexpected claim to (online) fame in the process.

These Friends of Mine

In which the author offers some observations about a number of important people in his life, as another way of getting to know him.

A Lexicon of Edgarisms and Arphaxioms

In which the author provides a dictionary to help those who find him particularly hard to understand.

Quotes of the XXVII Olympiad

In which the author includes a set of personal Olympic Quotes for your amusement, based on his experiences at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.

Aquamarine Dividing Line

I invite your thoughts on my online presence...tell me I'm cool, tell me I'm weird, or better yet, tell me how to make this site better.

Unleashed upon the world April 13, 1997.
Released anew April 13, 2003 and April 13, 2017.
Seasoned to perfection April 20, 2017.
Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.